ZIP archive

How to recover a corrupt word or zip file

If you’ve never had a corrupted file error, you have no idea how annoying it can be. Often users are faced with such a problem when they archive files to a flash drive, due to their uselessness, but after a while, they are needed again. And when users tried to copy files back to their computer, it became impossible because the zip archive was corrupted. If you recognize yourself in this situation, then in this article we will tell you how to recover damaged Word or zip files.

How to recover data from a damaged ZIP archive

Recovery Toolbox for ZIP is a program specially designed for recovering ZIP or VIN files. The program scans the archive, detects data structures, and tries to recover as much data as possible from the faulty archive. It uses several algorithms in its work to minimize data loss and damaged archives. In addition, Recovery Toolbox for ZIP can check data integrity, which improves recovery quality. The zip file recovery program provides a complete report on operations.

Also, the program has a very clear and comfortable interface with which even a beginner can easily understand and recover files. The recovery process itself consists of several steps, which we will describe below.

ZIP archive recovery process

With the program that we reviewed earlier, just launch it and select the file with the damaged Zip archive on the first page, and click the Next button. The zip recovery algorithms will start scanning the archive and identify the files stored in it. On the third page of the Zip recovery utility, the user can view the list of files and folder structure available for recovery.

The main features of Recovery Toolbox for ZIP:

  • Extracts files from all versions of zipping / WinZip archives
  • Recovers data from archives with CRC errors
  • Selective saving of files and folders from damaged Zip archive
  • Recover data from encrypted archives
  • Zip file recovery utility works with password-protected zip archives
  • Zip file recovery utility works with ZIP archives larger than 4GB and much more

How to get a Zip archive back

To recover a word file from a damaged WinZip archive and never know how to corrupt a word file again, you can use the latest backup copy of the archive, return to the latest stable copy of a * .zip file, or try to use Recovery Toolbox for zip. The program can most likely restore files from a .zip archive to their original state before they were damaged. To try this version you only need:

  • Download, install and run DEMO version of Recovery Toolbox for Zip
  • Select damaged .zip archive
  • Scan for corrupted Zip file
  • Explore which files and folders are available for full recovery on the preview page
  • Select a folder to save the recovered files
  • Save files recovered from the archive to disk (available in full version)